T2S-GPT: Dynamic Vector Quantization for Autoregressive Sign Language Production from Text

The left is the original video, the right is produced by our T2S-GPT.


In this work, we propose a two-stage sign language production (SLP) paradigm that first encodes sign language sequences into discrete codes and then autoregressively generates sign language from text based on the learned codebook. However, existing vector quantization (VQ) methods are fixed-length encodings, overlooking the uneven information density in sign language, which leads to under-encoding of important regions and over-encoding of unimportant regions. To address this issue, we propose a novel dynamic vector quantization (DVA-VAE) model that can dynamically adjust the encoding length based on the information density in sign language to achieve accurate and compact encoding. Then, a GPT-like model learns to generate code sequences and their corresponding durations from spoken language text. Extensive experiments conducted on the PHOENIX14T dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method. To promote sign language research, we propose a new large German sign language dataset, PHOENIX-News, which contains 486 hours of sign language videos, audio, and transcription texts. Experimental analysis on PHOENIX-News shows that the performance of our model can be further improved by increasing the size of the training data.

weak to moderate in the north also fresh wind from the east to southeast on the North Sea and on the mountains it is strong with stormy gusts.

On the day it was thirteen degrees with constant rain and twenty-one degrees on the Upper Rhine.

and now the weather forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday the second of June.

and now the weather forecast for tomorrow, Friday the fifteenth of October.

In Lusatia tonight until fifteen in Sauerland it was only a cool six degrees.

on the day twelve degrees on the Baltic Sea and up to twenty degrees in Lower Bavaria.

friendly weather in the south.

In a strip in between it is still friendly for a long time.

and now the weather forecast for tomorrow, Saturday, October 2nd.

It remains milder under the rain clouds in the east at fifteen to sixteen degrees.

There are snow showers especially near the coast.

In the Bavarian Forest tonight it was minus five degrees, in the Emsland it was plus three degrees.